What tools do designers use?

‘Designing with ketchup’ written in ketchup

Protect yourself and your company from buying an ineffective product that claims it makes websites accessible.

An overlay over a website showing a list of toggle options that users can turn off and on for accessibility accommodations. A wand is nearby with glitter shooting out of its star.

The Overlay

Image of Anna Cook and the text “Ask Me Anything w/ Anna Cook. AIGA DC Diversity & Inclusion Slack. January 29th Noon-1pm”


A person holding their phone preparing to put together a story on Instagram
Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

“Stories are the slot machines of social media.”

How my food sensitivity led me to realize the risk of search suggestions.

A stylized search for “gluten-free pizza” with results showing “Mario’s Pizza,” “Luigis Pies,” and “Pizza by Peach”

Defining the line between dark patterns and winning experiences

A screencapture from the Webtoon native app showing a Fast Pass popup on the comic Lore Olympus

Doctor and patient with Cochlear Implant reaching out to each other through their mobile phones with captions on

Anna E. Cook

She/they. Senior Accessibility Designer.

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